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BTFCom Co., Ltd. provides custom software solutions.
BTFCom Co., Ltd. specializes in custom software development, database solutions, custom solutions, custom drivers, custom applications, and custom programming services (just to name a few). Our custom software development is versatile and is available in a variety of programming languages including: C#, C++, Visual Basic .NET (VB .NET), Delphi, PHP, ASP and ASP .NET. Our talented programmers can develop custom software that utilizes MS SQL, My SQL, and Microsoft Access Databases and MAC OS X related applications according to users requests.
BTFCom Co., Ltd. can create a custom application, custom webpage, or custom web application in any language around the globe. BTFCom Co., Ltd.'s talented software development teams work hard to make your custom software, custom database solution, or web application a success.
MAC HFS ImageCreator
WIN BravoArchiving
WIN Contents Protector
Coming soon....
The USB/SD media data protection file will be released soon. The application will be able to protect:
Feel free to lets us know your needs.