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Contents Protector
Windows XP
Contents Protector
Is a WIN based softawre suited for security purposes. With the "Contents Protector" user will be able to protect files with extensions as: "AdobeAcrobat .PDF, MSWord .DOC, MSExcel .XLS, MSPowerPoint .PPT".

This will help users in need of selling contents. sending contents, protecting contents from piracy.

Depending on the protection setting, protected contents can be copied into another pc or device but cannot be opened from its destination.

Protected contents will keep the same file name as the original but will have [.exe] as extension.
When opening a protected files, that file native application must be installed prior into that PC. So if [.DOC] file was protected, MSWord must be installed into the PC used.

To make sure that users find the real need and use of our softwares, a full version with all features is available within a 10 days Trial license. So we recommend to download.
Some Features
» PC Lock License (PCLL)
» Specify run time
» Specify expire date
» Specify run date
» Don't allow Save, Save as
» Don't allow Print, Print Screen
» Delete when expire
» Protect with a passoword.....