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Development and Design Services
Application Software Development
- Project management
- Specification research and development
- Existing application enhancements
- Code maintenance
- Porting
- Migration
- Optimization
- Performance improvements
- Improvements in reliability & robustness
- Re-engineering
- GUI modification & enhancement
- Requirements analysis & definition
- Modeling
- User interface design
- Object, data & process modeling
- Client-Server applications
- Embedded applications
- Hand-held devices
- Scripting
- Active X and COM Development
- Installation Scripts
- Database programming & conversion
- Relational modeling
- Data warehousing
- Data mining
Web Design and Development
- Web site creation
- Single page design
- Web customization
- Web maintenance
- E-Commerce solutions
- Customer relationship management (CRM)
- Flash development
- Marketing
- XML Web Services
- User subscription, registration and management
- Personalization
- Usage, performance measurement
- Integration with off-site services
- Search engines
- Authenticators
- Billing/payment processes
.NET Web and Rich Client Development
Application Software Development
You are a unique business with unique IT needs. Our skilled, certified development team at BTFCom Co., Ltd. will work to understand your business requirements so that we can improve your operational efficiency and deliver solutions that can not be met by "off the shelf" software packages.
BTFCom Co., Ltd. approaches custom application development from an earchitecture and design first' model. By using a clear set of system designs and documentation BTFCom Co., Ltd. can provide you a solution that either you can implement or our development team can implement for you. BTFCom Co., Ltd. includes security in its architecture and assures that all known security issues are discussed and understood before development is implemented.
If you have a need for easy to use application to manage your operations, BTFCom Co., Ltd. can build it to your operational specifications, rather than you having to adjust your operations to an off-the-shelf application that may or may not do what you need. You will find that compared to many enterprise applications, our system development is surprisingly affordable.
We provide the best custom programming services, starting with the requirements definition and following through with the final customer acceptance. And we do it in ANY language.
Web Design and Development
BTFCom Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of fully functional e-commerce enabled web-sites, community and portal sites, corporate web sites, search engines & applications, intranets, and flash design all of which can interact with a variety of database systems.
Whether you're looking for complete Web/intranet site design, content architecture, our exceptional content management system or some exciting new content for your current page, BTFCom Co., Ltd. is your answer. From dynamic database-driven sites, GIF/Flash animations and Shockwave Games to PDFs and video, we'll create from scratch or update current information to manage your time and capital investments. At BTFCom Co., Ltd. we understand that Websites are more than just pictures and text; they are a complex integration of technology, marketing, entertainment and information designed to serve both the user and the site's owners. For this reason we provide end-to-end solutions, from design, to content management and programming, to hosting; all to meet your Website development needs.
Designing web-sites for clients is an interactive and detailed process, starting from firming up client's web strategy, choosing the right user interface and graphics to applying the appropriate software/hardware technology to achieve web objectives. Increasing technological choices as well as frequent update requirements make web maintenance an important area to think about prior to development. There is a balance between making the graphics on a page rich and the time necessary for loading the page. It is also a requirement to make the back-end processes subtly visible in the front-end without creating confusion in the user interfaces.
In designing and developing web and e-business applications there is substantial amount of interface development, customization, programming and systems integration involved. The design method selection depends on available development and turn-around time, budget, scalability, and future evolution plan. Almost all developments for web sites involve some kind of database design and development; whether it's a commercial database or simply a flat file.
Web users have become increasingly more sophisticated in the short history of the Web, developing distinct preferences for user-interface items such as navigation, content placement, color schemes and many others. Focus groups and multi-site development experience have given BTFCom Co., Ltd. the tools to satisfy, and exceed the expectations of all Web users, regulating our designs to reach the broadest range of potential visitors.
BTFCom Co., Ltd.'s graphic standards provide a uniform, professional look to a site and give credibility to the information it contains. We also support the navigational structure, add a visual aspect to the message and provide sponsors/advertisers and users with a clear sense of value. The key is to create an online environment that directs while captivating the users attention.
.NET Web and Rich Client Development
BTFCom Co., Ltd.'s web and application development practice incorporates Microsoft's complete suite of leading software solutions and services to provide secure, scalable, and fully integrated eBusiness solutions that are a competitive necessity for companies in today's business environment.
The .NET technology development environment takes advantage of XML web services allowing you to share data and assemble applications from new or existing development regardless of platform, language or object model. Through .NET BTFCom Co., Ltd. can decrease your development time and costs while delivering solutions that are secure and reliable.
What are the benefits of the .NET Framework? Put simply, faster time to market, easier deployment and administration, and improved performance. The .NET platform is truly as revolutionary as the internet itself. BTFCom Co., Ltd. can help you experience it.