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At BTFCom Co., Ltd., we have designed, developed, managed, and programmed thousands of custom applications, full scale multi-tiered projects / solutions, and web sites for everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies; ranging from scientific applications, reporting infrastructures, workflow automation applications to human resource, profiling and statistical databases. Our current user base for award winning commercial applications and custom software is over one million worldwide. Some of our high profile customers include NASDAQ, Australian Hospital Care, Qwest, IBM, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Brother, Agfa, Briggs & Stratton, New York City Transit Authority, Australian Department of Natural Resources, NASA, US Federal Emergency Management Agency, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Navy, US Library of Medicine, US Department of the Interior, and PENN State University.
Our applications solve real business issues for our clients and are easy to use. They have won awards and have been featured on the covers of important computing magazines such as PC Magazine and featured in other magazines such as Windows Magazine, Windows.NET Magazine, and Visual Studio Magazine. Some of our software has even been included in over 15 technical books published in over 20 languages.
Below is a list of recent projects we have tackled. Specific examples can be obtained by contacting Customer Service. We are also happy to give out our customer references which will astound you.