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Who we help
Below are some of the kinds of clients we typically work with. This is not intended to be a complete list, but it should help you determine if our services are appropriate for you.
IT Departments
Your team can build any database that can be conceived. Now you need an enterprise application to deliver these databases, but you don't have in-house programmers, and of course the deadline is yesterday. You need a team of experts, who understand real object-oriented programming and deadlines.
Web Designers
You need to create the best next-generation site for your client. It's going to need some CGI, Java, or behind the scenes coding, but you're not that kind of programmer. You need someone to handle the ugly behind-the-scenes details so you can concentrate on the look and flow of the site.
Hardware Developers
You're great with chips, maybe firmware too. When it comes to OS-specific details, driver development kits, user interface, and installers you see a learning curve you'd rather not climb. You need a company highly technical but with commercial product experience who can take your card or device and come back with a ready-to-install driver.
Single-Platform Developers
You've finished the product for your primary platform, and it's a triumph. Now you'd like to go after additional sales on another platform. You need a developer who thoroughly understands multiple operating systems. To keep your knowledge investment low, you need someone who can deliver a product that's ready to be shrink-wrapped.
Overloaded Development Teams
Your programmers are working as hard as possible to finish their current project, but the schedule is slipping, and there are other projects waiting. You need to outsource projects, not just sections of code. You need someone who can work with your management to ensure the same excellence you expect from your internal development team.
Consulting Firms
You've just landed a large contract involving many technologies, most of which you can handle. Now you've got to find a subcontractor to supply the missing pieces . You need a contractor you can trust to provide the level of service that matches your own high standard. You need someone who can interact with your inside people as well as with your non-technical client.
Venture Capitalists
The world is changing fast, and your desk is buried under business plans filled with words like Java, .NET, HTML, ActiveX, CGI, CORBRA, COM... How can you decide which companies to fund if you can't evaluate the technology? You need someone who makes it their job to stay on top of emerging technologies. Or maybe you need someone to rescue a software project that has gone dangerously over-budget or behind-schedule.
System Integrators
You've figured out what hardware and software your new client needs, but now they've asked for something that can't be done with off-the-shelf products. You need to find top-flight programmers to implement the custom parts of your client's business system, a programmer that can work with you and your client to create the right solution.
Start-Up Companies
You see the software industry taking off, and you've got an idea for a hot new product. You've also got some investment capital. The only problem is you don't have time to assemble a team of programmers before the window of opportunity closes. You need a commercial-quality product; you need someone to understand your vision and run with it.